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Hello, I am Ahmed, the representative director. I came to Japan from my home country, Bangladesh, 30 years ago. Japan is my second home, and the experiences and encounters in this country have significantly influenced my life. With deep respect and gratitude towards Japan, I have founded the consulting company ‘Akatsuki Global Partners Co., Ltd.,’ aiming to be a bridge between Bangladesh and Japan.

Our goal is to establish a sustainable business partnership between Bangladesh and Japan, fostering mutual growth and prosperity. Many Japanese companies face challenges when expanding into Bangladesh, such as differences in language, culture, business practices, a shortage of high-quality talent, and lack of local information, leading to abandonment of potential opportunities. We are confident that our network can be a significant advantage for companies facing such challenges.

We have built strong relationships with local partner companies in Bangladesh and cover a wide range of industry information. For companies considering expansion, we provide timely information about the local business environment, market trends, and human resource resources. From preliminary research to on-the-ground support, we offer comprehensive services, removing language and cultural barriers. By leveraging our network, we aim to collaboratively develop the optimal expansion strategy tailored to your needs and pave the way for success.

CEO Mohd Shaheen Ahamed

Senior Consultant

Akane Kobayashi

After graduating from Tama Art University, she has been involved in business with Bangladesh, with a travel history of over 50 trips. He/She is engaged in talent development at local factories, instructing Japanese business manners, and efficient production layout design for manufacturing industries. The on-site support, including inspections, has received favorable reviews from clients. Proficient in Bengali, she is capable of daily conversations and serves as an ambassador promoting the charm of Bangladesh from a female perspective.


Yuki Ahamed

Originally from Bangladesh, he graduated from a Japanese high school and later obtained a degree from Akita University. Fluent in Japanese as if it were a native language, he worked in sales positions in the manufacturing industry and continues to do so


Ko Rei

Originally from China, she has been in Japan for over 30 years and has traveled to Bangladesh dozens of times. With practical experience in trade between Japan and Bangladesh, she is well-versed in Japanese visa procedures for Japanese nationals. She also possesses a business network in China.

CompanyAkatsuki Global Partners Co., Ltd.,
Representing directorMohd. Shaheen Ahamed
IncorporationJune, 2023
AddressTokyo Headquarters:
6F Tsunashima Dai San bldg. 2-4-9 Yayoi-cho Nakano-ku,Tokyo 164-0013
Bangladesh Branch:
Group companyCosmic Info Link Co, Ltd
Cosmic Jute & Leather Industries Ltd.
Primary financial institutionsMitsubishi UFJ Bank / Seibu Shinkin Bank
Participating cooperativeTokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industr, Nakano Ward Corporate Association
Business activities1.Consulting services for overseas expansion companies.
2.Import and export agency services.
3.Support services for IT solution business.
4.Staffing and recruitment
Paid Employment Placement License Number:13-ユ-312880
5.All ancillary business related to the foregoing.
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